apply for lithuania student visa from pakistan

How to Apply For Lithuania Student Visa From Pakistan

Lithuania is a small country in the Baltic region bordering Poland, Latvia and Belarus. Lithuania is a member of European Union and a Schengen State. In addition to this, the atmosphere is Lithuania is welcoming for international students. The country offers high-quality education at a very low fee. On the other hand, cost of living in Lithuania is also very low as compared to other countries of Europe. Moreover, the visa approval ratio of Lithuania is 100% for International students. If you are planning to apply for Lithuania Student Visa from Pakistan, then you will get the most needed information right here.


How to Apply for Lithuania Student Visa from Pakistan

To apply for Lithuania Visa from Pakistan you just have to follow simple procedures. If you have passed your previous studies in Arts, then you will find plenty of opportunities. Furthermore, Lithuania offers affordable fee structure, Part-Time work opportunities, and a friendly community.

apply for Lithuania student visa from Pakistan

International Universities in Lithuania


  • Total number of International Universities in Lithuania 23
  • Public Universities are 14
  • Private Universities are 8
  • 1 branch of a Polish University

University Free Structure in Lithuania

First of all, before you apply for Lithuania Student Visa from Pakistan, it is important to know about the fee structure.Secondly, fees in Lithuania vary from course to course. And it also depends upon the field of study. Fee for bachelor’s study programs ranges from 1000 to 5300 Euros per academic year.


Fee for Master’s Degree Program in Lithuania

Fees in Lithuania for Master’s degree program also varies from course to course just like for Bachelor’s degree programs, and it also depends upon the field of study. Moreover, fee for bachelor’s study programs ranges from 2200 to 6500 Euros per academic year.



Lithuania Visa Requirements for Pakistani Students

Pakistani / non-EU students require a valid visa to enter in Lithuania. Therefore, it is important to check the requirements before you apply for Lithuania Student Visa from Pakistan. Students who have taken admission in Bachelor’s Degree Program, Master’s Degree program or Doctoral Degree Program are granted National Visa D by the embassy of Lithuania. National Visa D is issued for one year and can be extended from Lithuania. Furthermore, your visa will be extended according to the duration of your study program.



Type D Schengen Visa is granted by the Embassy of Lithuania after fulfilling the requirements as stated by the Embassy of Lithuania. Following are the documentation required for Pakistani students Lithuania study visa are as follow:


  • Valid Passport (must have at least two empty pages) with minimum 3 months validity.
  • Visa application form (correctly filled by the candidate)
  • One photograph ( 35 x 45 size)
  • Admission/Offer/Confirmation letter from any educational institution of Lithuania.
  • A travel insurance covering 30,000 Euros coverage for a minimum of One year is compulsory. In Pakistan, you can get this for 11,000 PKR from any insurance company offering travel insurance coverage. We personally recommend you to go for East-West Insurance.
  • A bank statement with sufficient funds to cover your complete tuitions fee, living expenses, and 2-way airfares.
  • Bank Statement of minimum 10 Lac Pakistani Rupees.



Lithuania Embassy in Pakistan

There is no Lithuanian embassy in Pakistan, Consulate General of Lithuania in Islamabad deals with all queries related to Visa application and approval. Below is the address of the consulate

# 1-A, Block R, Shahid Plaza Main Blue Area

Lithuania Consulate Email and Telephone

Phone #:          (+92) 51-227 3217

Email:              [email protected]


So, you will need to visit the consulate in personal or book your appointment by email or phone. Finally, this is how you can apply for Lithuania Student Visa from Pakistan. We will cover more details and update this content with scholarship opportunities in Lithuania in the future. If you have any queries related to visa application process you can ask in the comments section below.









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