apply for italy student visa from pakistan

How to Apply for Italy Student Visa from Pakistan

Italy is one of the famous tourist and study destinations across the world. Every year thousands of tourists across the world visit Italy to see ancient wonders. Italy has a very rich culture and environment which makes it an appealing place to visit and study. Italian institutions are considered the best in the world in terms of study. Politecnico Di Torino is one of the leading engineering Universities in Europe.

Cost of study and living in Italy is very low as compared to other countries of the world. And if you got a scholarship, then everything will be free of cost. Your living, food, cleaning and every other benefit will be free of cost.  If you are searching how to apply for Italy student Visa from Pakistan then follow these simple steps.

Apply for Italy Student Visa from Pakistan

Italy is a member of EU and also falls under the Schengen agreement. According to Schengen agreement, the holders of Schengen Visa can move freely in the territory of another member state. For example, if you got visa of Italy, then you can go to France, Germany, Sweden Belgium, Norway, and other member states

Let me discuss with you my personal experience of applying study visa of Italy from Pakistan. In this way, you will understand the overall process easier.

apply for italy student visa from pakistan

Italy Student Visa Process from Pakistan

Below is the overall process from start to end on how to apply for Italy Student Visa from Pakistan.


Acceptance Letter

The first thing whenever you plan to get a student visa is getting an acceptance letter from a university. In case of Italy, I will recommend you to get your offer letter from universities like University of Siena, Politecnico Di Torino, University of Torino, and the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”.

The reason I have mentioned these universities is that they offer the admission letter pretty fast. If you are willing to apply for business studies, then I recommend you to apply for the University of Siena.

Prepare Your Documents

Once you get your offer letter or approval letter, the next step is to prepare your additional/supportive documents.

  • Verify your SSC and HSSC degrees and transcripts from your respective study Board.
  • If you are applying for Masters, then you need to verify your Bachelor degree from your University.
  • Attest your verified SSC and HSSC degrees/transcripts from IBCC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In case of Bachelor degree, you will have to visit HEC to verify it.
  • For verification at IBCC, Foreign Affairs and HEC, you will have to verify 1 original and three photocopies of each document.
  • After your degrees and transcripts have been verified you need to translate them into the Italian For this purpose, you will find a lot of shops in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Kansas is one of the famous translation firms working in Pakistan.
  • Get a Polio clearance certificate from your nearest hospital.
  • Travel insurance covering a minimum of 30,000 Euros for one year is compulsory.
  • An IELTS score of 5.5 for Bachelors and 0 for Masters is compulsory. However, the students who have already done Masters in Pakistan and are applying for Masters again in Italy. It is not compulsory to provide IELTS certificate, you can also go with English Language Proficiency Certificate from your last attended university.

Bank Statement Needed for Italy Student Visa

This is the most confusing part for the students. Most of the students present fake statements which result in visa rejection. In this section, I will consider adding my personal experience.

One of my friends had a bank statement of 5.6 Million Pakistani Rupees (Approx 56 Lacs) but he got rejected. Though the statement was genuine and well maintained by his father he was refused. In my case, it was just 3.2 Million Pakistan Rupees. My Visa was approved without any hesitation.

You might be thinking why he got rejected and I got selected? Well, the only reason was the interview conducted at the embassy. As far as bank statement is concerned an amount of minimum 10 Lac Pakistani Rupees is enough.

The VISA INTERVIEW conducted on the day of your appointment figures out whether you should be accepted or rejected. Most of the people who got rejected have a bad experience in the interview.




Italy Student Visa Requirements for Pakistani Citizens

It’s time to apply for Italian Student Visa from Pakistan.

  • Book your appointment from the website of Italian Embassy in Pakistan.
  • On the day of your appointment take your educational and supportive documents with you.
  • A valid Pakistani passport up to 6 months.
  • Offer letter from the university.
  • Bank statement.
  • Visa Fee of 6000 PKR.
  • 6 Passport size photographs
  • All Visa Application Forms are provided by the Italian embassy.

Finally, these were the simple steps on how to apply for Italy Student Visa from Pakistan. I will discuss with you on how to apply need-based scholarship for Pakistani students in Italy later. In the end, if you have any question, then let me know in the comment section down.


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  1. Can we apply for Study Visa at Italian Consulate, Karachi?? And what is the process of applying to study Medicine and Surgery (6 years program) in Italy??

  2. Hello sir i just wanted to ask that can we go with more than one application form for modification in universities in italy.Actually my consultant applied for unicam only and i have got acceptance letter from insubria ,milan n now i want to submit another application for insubria university varese ,como..what should i do now??
    And one thing more guide me about the health insurance also ?like what is it actually?

    • Yes, you can apply for more than one subjects and universities in Italy. However, at the embassy, you will only need to show them only one university which you are willing to go for. If admissions in Insubria are open, then you can apply for more admissions as well.

      Health insurance is basically your travel insurance, you can visit the nearest insurance office and ask them for travel insurance. It covers up to 30,000 Euros insurance in case anything happens to you while traveling to Italy. It costs not more than Pakistani 12,000 Rupees to get a travel insurance of one year. I will recommend you to go for EASTWEST Insurance company near to your city as they are recommended by Italian embassy as well. East West has the office in Islamabad and other major cities.

  3. I’m gonna have my ielts this 23rd but already submitted the pre enrolment on studentitalia portal
    So my question is if they call me for the appointment and I will not have the ielts result at that time then would I be able to tell them and choose the date accordingly or any other solution to that?
    I’d appreciate any help from you 🙂

    • If you are applying for a Masters Program, then you can take an English Proficiency Certificate from your last attended university. And if you are applying for Bachelors Program, then it is important to present IELTS certificate on the day of your appointment.
      Hope this helps you out. If you have any more questions, then feel free to ask us

  4. Hi, can you tell me how long it took for you to get your visa appointment for interview after applying on the online portal?
    And then, how long did it take to get your visa?

    • visa interview is set within a month once you get an appointment. After that, you will the visa reply within one and half month.

  5. Assalam-O-Alaikum Admin
    First of all thank you very much for giving such a detailed info about Italy student visa for Pakistani students.
    Secondly I would like to ask that I have got acceptance letter from UNICAM (Biotechnology) and Ca’foscari University (PISE) for bachelor studies. I have choosen Ca’foscari to submit for visa apply. University of Siena (Economics) acceptance letter is still pending.(as you recommended this university). Which university acceptance letter should I choose UNICAM or Ca’foscari?
    My bank statement is 17.94 lacs. and IELTS bands are 6.0

    Thirdly and most importantly Kindly guide me about interview
    what possible questions could they ask me in interview? (and if possible how should I answer them accordingly )

    • We will definitely recommend you to go to Ca Foscari in Venice. It is the best University in Europe.
      Your funds are more than enough and IELTS is accordingly as well
      On the day of your appointment, they will simply ask about your course of study in Italy. What benefits you will get from that course. And how it will benefit you in future. Make sure you know everything about your course.
      Do not get confused in front of the interviewer. As it will be a relaxed environment where the interview will be conducted.
      If you have your own bank statement, then it is good. Else, you can show bank statement of your father or mother as well. However, in that case, they might ask you to show your own bank statement as well with a minimum of 2 Lacs amount in it. The reason behind this is to make sure that you have your own account and that your parents send you money once you are in Italy.

      Hope you find it helpful. If you have any more questions, you might go ahead

      • Thank you so much sir . It was really helpful answer. InshaAllah I will prepare myself according to your suggestions and guidance. Stay Blessed and Happy (Ameen)

          • Hello Dear Admin – Mosab Bhai
            I hope that this message of mine will find you in the best of your health.
            I am right now sitting in the third floor of Ca’ Foscari – BAUM (Malcanton – Marcorà Venezia). I remember the time when I first came by your blog, it is just perfect and it helped me a lot – like seriously I mean a lot. ok so since then I am keep recommending it to my each and every fellow – in fact I have bookmarked your blog so I could not lose it. I am immensely grateful to you. If you are in Italy please come to Venezia and honour us with your presence and give me a chance for hospitality.
            Kindly accept our hearty gratitude.

            Thanks in advance

            Your truly – sincerely – friend and biggest fan
            Awais Afridi
            Universita Ca’ Foscari – Venezia, Italy.
            [email protected]

  6. Brother ! Is bank statment is required for fully funded scholorship student? If yes than tell me how much statement I have needed.

  7. I really appreciate your Guidance with us, thank you so mucj brother you help me alot I’m willing to apply for a student visa for further study. Can i have your WhatsApp number incase for furthe information, i shall be thankful.
    My WhatsApp number

    • For the instance, we don’t have any office at the moment. We are doing our best to set up our office. Till then, you can ask any question here.

  8. If I have given my O and A levels from the Cambridge international examinations board and I have them verified with their seal. Do I need I still need approval from the IBCC board?

  9. i got acceptance letter from university in Italy . i need to send acceptance along with pre enrollment before 24th july. I applied for pre enrollment online at Italian counsel-ate in Pakistan but got no response. i am running short of time. No appointment is available at embassy before august. what should i do to fasten the pre enrollment procedure

  10. Hi Admin,

    I truly appreciate this effort in jotting down the process and making the steps clear.

    In my case, I only applied for this Pre-enrolment submission through the portal but have received an email from the embassy to appear for both the Pre-enrolment submission as well as for the Study Visa application. They have sent across all the needed forms (Visa Application form, Form A, Pre-enrolment form etc). Since they have sent this email on 20th July and asked to appear first thing on 24th July (with weekend wasted as MOFA, HEC etc are closed) it becomes cumbersome and impossible to arrange for all the documents.

    I’d like to know how flexible they might be in reviewing my application since I only have original and at-most one attested copy (from HEC and IBCC) for all my academic documents. Would it suffice to produce remaining copies only attested by MOFA at this appearance and request for a extension in date to be able to produce the remaining attested copies.

    Also, having applied for masters, do you think an IELTS of 7.0 would suffice given it was taken in 2013. I do however have this letter from University stating that the medium of instructions was English thoroughly.

    Lastly, I couldn’t obviously produce the translations of any of the documents given the time restraint, since translation service atleast in lahore asks for atleast two weeks given the student application toll these days. Do you think they’ll be a little flexible on this as well given that all the documents are in English.

    Would highly appreciate your response on these.


    • Way back in 2016, they were flexible in receiving your missing documents at the Italian Embassy at a later date. However, there are chances they might give you a week or more to submit your remaining documents.

  11. hi i just want to know that for public funded universities u can apply direct or u have to take a declaration letter from consultate in karachi .

  12. Aslam u alikum bro. Lst year mera hi ni almost 3000 students ka visa refuse keya italian embassy ny. Mra admisn university seina may hwa tha busines may. Statement b mri apni original thi. 6 bands b thy ielts may. Phr b refuse hwa. Why?

  13. I will discuss with you on how to apply need-based scholarship for Pakistani students in Italy later.
    Dear admin,
    Can you please provide me about the above details

  14. Hi Brother,
    Can you give me the list of required documents for Italian Embassy as applying on student visa.
    I have heard that i need 3 verified copies of each degree from IBCC and HEC.
    Do I need to give my sponsors detail even if I’m giving my own statement of one million?

  15. Dear Admin,
    I’m Muhammad Rashad. I did Master in English form GCUF. Please tell me how can I get Viza of Italy & which university is better for me. How many bands are required in that particular university. Can I get scholarship. thanks

  16. Brother please help me for this.
    I got Scholarship from Salerno university Italy. The last pre enrollment date was 24th July but I went to the agent in July and he did not know anything about pre-enrollment as he took my appointment from their portal which was 25th Sept 2018.In that time I was so relaxed and was preparing my documents. when Sept came and I contacted with my university prof and other students who got scholarship from Pakistan than I came to know about pre-enrollment from Garry’s is also a thing.The embassy appointment letter that I took was nothing just a paper written my name and bar code number on it so I decided not to go embassy directly on 25th Sept, On that day I went to Garry’s office Islamabad. They took my scholarship letter and said to me that first this letter goes to embassy and embassy will confirm it from the university and they did not submit my documents.On the very next day 26th Sep I received a call from garry’s and they said your pre-enrollment date is passed and embassy will not dealing with you through garry’s so if you want to contact with embassy than you will need an appointment.Let me tell you Erasmus coordinator and the prof who gave me scholarship clearly said to me that if you are late so don’t worry we will consider late appointments as they also said to me that pre-enrollment for MS till 28 Feb.I also have their emails but the problem is embassy will not receive any kind of calls and they don’t have any appointments on their portal.Please help me for this what can I do now?


    • Sir as the dates are passed, so the embassy will not deal with your case at the moment. They have already returned the passports to the students. Moreover, the students who are arriving late after the pre-enrollment session at the universities in Italy are being deported back to Pakistan from Milan Airport. Therefore, we advise you to apply in the next intake. Embassy only makes one intake every year for international students. Now, they are closed and will not deal with your application by any means.

  17. Can you please tell me that any type of tax will be needed to apply in any Italian university?? My consultant is asking for 300 to 350 euros as tax for university to apply.
    So i wanted to ask about the details please

  18. Hi Dear Brother Salam o Alaikom hope you’re having glad happy fine shine like moon day 🙂
    please can you simplify me 🙂 like I am Ba degree holder n pass in 2008 -9 but I wanna admission for master now like for 2019 so can I get the admission
    2nd : will I contact directly with university matlab 🙂 mujey direct university sey contact karna parey ga yani direct university ko admission k leye apply karon ga 🙂
    3rd : Kon Kon sey session k leye admission meeltain hain 🙂
    4th : or jaab admission meel jaye university mey to university ka fees IDAR Pakistan mey Ada karna parey ga ya Italy ja k university ka fees dena parey ga 🙂
    5th:) IDAR to 2 year BA degree hotii hey to 3 year degree kesa please is k leye keya karna parey ga please :p 🙁
    please inform me here or email me please. ( [email protected])
    Have a nice future with all of your family ALLAH never make you unhappy n ALLAH never give you any type of heart hurt Ameen Suma Ameen 🙂 thanks once again 🙂 such mey app sahii information dey rahey ho koi B free mey Aisa information nahii DETA 🙂

    • 1. For Master in Italy, you need at least 3 years Bachelors degree from Pakistan. 2 Years do not count for Masters.
      2. Yes, you will need to apply for the Universities through their online Portal. For Italy, there is only 1 session to apply which is from December to March.
      3. You have to Pay Fee in Italy, Not in Pakistan.
      4. At BA you can only apply for Bachelors again in Italy as they do not count 2 years BA as bachelors.

  19. Dear Jamal
    I will appreciate if you can kindly guide me to apply for Italy study visa. I have received my acceptance letter from Sapienza University in Master degree. I need to apply for the visa but I have been told by one of friend that before you apply for the visa, you must apply for pre-enrollment at the Italian Embassy. Then he talked about DOV.

    I am so much confused. I will appreciate if you can kindly help me to proceed further please. Your kind assistance in this matter will be much appreciated.
    Thank you

  20. Respected Jamal! I want to ask you some questions regarding admission and take off process from Pakistan. I am sharing my email with you. Kindly help me, I will be thankful to you.
    Regards! Tariq Aziz

  21. Sir my anti addopt me since my childhood but my documents name is named by my father
    My anti(phopho) is an teacher
    So i want to use my anti’s bank statement.
    Can i do it
    Plz rply


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