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Apply for Greece Visa from Pakistan 2019 – [Complete Guide]

We have been getting requests on our Facebook Page and website about how to get visa of Greece from Pakistan. Today, we will discuss the best method to get Greece visa from Pakistan and the general requirements regarding visa application.

Greece visa from pakistan

Greece Visa Requirements from Pakistan

Greece Embassy located in Islamabad accepts the application by booking an appointment from an online portal. You can book your appointment by sending an E-mail at the link below.

[email protected]

Details to send in the E-mail

  • Your Full Name
  • Passport Number
  • Mobile Number
  • Purpose and Duration of a visit to Greece

You will get a reply E-mail from Embassy of Greece in Islamabad within few days regarding your appointment.

Day of Appointment

On the day of the appointment, you will have to visit the Embassy with all the relevant documents to apply for a visa. You will have to pay the visa fee on the day of the appointment. The short stay visa fee of Greece from Pakistan is around 60 Euros and is non-refundable. Moreover, Greece allows you a short stay visa of around 90 days from Pakistan.

Note: People living in Interior-Sindh or Karachi can visit the Consulate of Italy in Karachi for Greece visa application as well. The Consulate of Italy in Karachi deals with the visa application on the behalf of Greece Embassy.


Requirements for Greece Visa for Pakistani Citizens

Below are the main documents needed before you visit the Greece Embassy in Pakistan. If you fulfil these documents, then chances are maximum to get your visa.

  • You will need to fill a visa application form for Greece. You can download it by simply clicking below

Greece Visa Application Form

Once you have downloaded the form, fill it carefully and take a print.

  • A valid Pakistani Passport. If you have an old passport, you will need to submit that as well.
  • 4 Passport sized photographs with light blue background
  • For visiting a friend or family, then attested copy of sponsor letter duly attested from Police Station in Greece is important. If you are planning to visit on your own, then it is not necessary to show.
  • For a worker working in a government or non-government sector, then reference letter of that organization is important. If you are planning a visit to Greece, then you must show proof that you are on vacations.
  • Do you have your own business, then it is important to show the registration and tax documents of your
  • It is important to show hotel reservation and return ticket of Greece in case of tourist visa
  • Bank Statement for the last six months is important to declare in terms of visit visa of Greece. On the day of your appointment, you must have minimum Pakistan 8 Lakh Rupees in your account.
  • Health insurance of one year covering an amount of 30,000 Euros is important to travel to European countries. You can get one for not more than 12,000 Pakistani Rupees from EastWest insurance company in Islamabad, Lahore or Karachi.


How long it takes to Get Greece Visit Visa?

Normally, it can take 2 to 4 weeks to get your visa processed by Greek Embassy. However, you must apply for the visa before 2 months of your intended date of travel.

How much is the Greece Visa?

The visa fee for Greece visit visa from Pakistan is around 60 Euros.

How much money should I take to Greece on visit visa?

Greece is relatively cheaper than in other countries in Europe. However, you must expect 50 Euros a day while you are on a trip to Greece. If you are a luxury traveller, then expect something around 120 to 150 Euros a day. There is no limit to bring money to Greece. But it is advised not to bring more than 10,000 Euros.

What is the best time to visit Greece?

The best time to visit Greece is from April to October.

What are the most important documents to get the visa of Greece?

You must have an invitation letter from someone in Greece. It may be your friend, family or a travelling agency in Greece. Moreover, you must have a bank statement on your own name and a valid passport.

Is it safe to travel to Greece?

Greece is one of the safest countries in Europe to travel to.

How long you can stay in Greece on visit visa?

You can stay not more than 6 months on a visit visa to Greece.










Finally, this was the best and simple way to get Greece visa from Pakistan. If you bring all these relevant documents to the Embassy, then there 80% chances that you will get your visa. If you found something difficult to understand, let us know in the comment section.

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