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How to Apply for Japan Visa from UAE or Saudi Arabia for Pakistani Citizens

We have been questioned by a lot of Pakistani people from UAE and Saudi Arabia about visa regarding Japan. Most of them asked how to apply for Japan Visa from UAE or Saudi Arabia. Applying for Japan Visa from Pakistan is a bit difficult for most of the people. However, applying from another country minimize your chances of being rejected. We will let you know the detailed process to apply for Japan visa from Arab countries in this article.

How to Apply for Japan Visa from UAE or Saudi Arabia

In order to apply for Japan visa, you will need to visit the website of Japan embassy in UAE. Here you will find the details regarding the visa application process and fill visa application form.

  • To Apply the visa of Japan from UAE, you don’t need any special appointment. You can directly go to Japan embassy in UAE or Saudi Arabia to apply your visa documents.

JAPAN Embassy UAE Website 

  • On the other side, if you want to apply Japan visa from Saudi Arabia, then the official website to apply visa is given below

Japan Embassy Saudi Arabia Website  

You will need to apply for the visa from UAE or Saudi Arabia 2 or 3 weeks before your travel plan.

Documents required to Apply for Japan Visa from UAE or Saudi Arabia

The documents you will need from UAE or Saudi Arabia are same as the one you need from Pakistan.

  • The first and most important thing is the visa application form.
  • A valid Passport, in this case, you will need a valid Pakistani Passport.
  • A copy of your UAE/Saudi Arabia Visa or Ikama is important to submit along with your documents. Please note that if you are on a visit visa to UAE or Saudi Arabia, then you cannot apply visa for Japan. You must possess a work visa or Ikama before you apply.
  • You will need a return Air ticket in case of visit visa to Japan.
  • Hotel reservation is also necessary before you file your visa application.
  • Bank Statement of last 3 months. If you are a working in a company, then employment certificate from your company might help you a lot.
  • You don’t need any sponsor letter from Japan to apply for a visit visa from Dubai or Saudi Arabia.

There is no visa fee for Pakistani nationals if they apply on their own. However, if you hire services of companies like ALFIFA , then they might cost you a little bit charges. If you are applying from Saudi Arabia, then ALFIFA may charge you 200 Riyals.

Finally, this is the detailed and simple method to apply for Japan visa from UAE or Saudi Arabia. If you have any questions, then let us know in the comments section.

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