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How to Apply for Australia Study Visa | Pakistan | Updates 2018

Australia is among the top countries in the world that attracts thousands of International students every year after Canada and America. One of the good things about studying in Australia is that whatever course you are enrolled, you have the right to work 20 hours a week. Moreover, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) after completing your degree.

Apply for Australia Study Visa from Pakistan

Before 2010, things were not as much complicated as they are today. At that time you had to choose a course, get your COE (Confirmation of enrolment) from any college/university in Australia and you had your visa. Recently in 2018, Australian Govt has updated requirements regarding student visa. Here we will explain to you how to apply for Australia study visa from Pakistan keeping in view the latest Australian student visa 2018 updates.

apply for australia student visa from pakistan


New 2018 Update for getting Australia Student Visa

The Australian immigration has made changes to three things that you need to consider before applying for Australian student visa

  • Proof of Funds
  • The Enrollment Process
  • GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrance)

In case of funds, you will need to show more amount to support your living and study expenses in Australia. I will cover the funds later on in the visa application process.

Regarding the enrolment process, there is more pressure being put on the colleges/universities to look at the details of the students. Why do they want to study? What do they want to study? Moreover, the college/university will have to check your funds as well. So, the institutions are getting strict in making decisions regarding the enrolment process.

  • The third update is related to GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrance). Now, GTE is more of a statement about your history and what you want to do in future. It’s about why you want to study in Australia.
  • The GTE is the main reason why the Australian student visas get refused. International Students need to include and explain the gaps between their study career.
  • You will also need to explain if you decide to study in the field which is unrelated to your previous studies. Therefore, you have to explain why you want to change your area of Interest.
  • In addition to this, you will need to explain your future plan and how your course you intend to study fits in your future plan.

Note: It is important to complete each and everything before applying for Australia Student visa from Pakistan. As the immigration office will not ask you for further information and simply reject your application.

Australia Student Visa Process from Pakistan

To apply for the Australian student visa (Subclass 500) follow these simple steps

Decide your course first

You need to choose a course which is related to your previous course or a course which is related to your work. If you are planning to join a course not related your previous studies, then you have to provide a strong reason for this.

Choose your School/College/University

You can apply for any International institution in Australia. I recommend you to apply for Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne or Brisbane.

Statement of Purpose

This is the most important part of your visa application. You need to state here which course are you enrolling, why are you going to Australia, who are your sponsorers, how are you related to your sponsorers. It is important to mention that you do not have any intentions to stay permanently in Australia.

IELTS Certificate

In order to enrol in a college/university, you need to provide an IELTS certificate. The IELTS score varies according to the course you wish to study in Australia.

  • For Bachelors 6.0 to 6.5
  • For Master 6.5 to 7.0

You can also apply if you have a PTE/TOEFL/OET certificate

Supporting Documents

Just make sure you have the following documents at the time of application.

  • Your High School Diploma or Degree with a minimum of 50% marks. If you are working, then you need to provide your payslips or certificate of employment. If you are a businessman, then you need to provide your business details.
  • Bank statement also plays a significant role in your student visa process. As I have told you before that Australian Immigration has made changes to the student visa process. It is up to your college or university to approve your application. Furthermore, it is your intended University or College to whom you will provide details of your funds. Just keep in mind that your visa application depends more on your university or college. If you don’t have sufficient funds in your own bank account, then your relatives or family members can also sponsor your studies as well.
  • Bank statement needs to be 6 to 8 months old before you apply for the student visa. Therefore, it is important to show transaction which is 6 months old. Also, there must be multiple transactions in your account from time to time. I advise you not to display a fake statement as it can be verified by your university/college or Immigration.

Get an Approval/Offer Letter (LOO)

If you have selected your college/university, passed your IELTS exam, and compiled all of your supportive documents, its time to get your offer letter from the university. Once you make an application, it takes normally a week or two to get your offer letter from college/university. In offer letter, you will also get details about your tuition fee for one year.

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)

This is something similar to the Travel Insurance you need to have before travelling to European countries. For Australia, you need to have an OSHC or health insurance when applying for student visa. I recommend you to apply for this separately through any cheap health insurance provider.

Confirmation of Enrollment (COE)

Once you have paid your tuition fees and covered your health insurance (OSHC), its time to wait for your COE (Confirmation of Enrollment).

Lodge your Visa

The last step is lodging your visa application by booking an appointment online from Gerry’s FedEx. At Gerry’s Office, you will have to submit the Australian Student Visa Fee of AUD $560. You have to submit your biometrics and visa application documents at Gerry’s FedEx office on the day of your appointment.

Medical Examination

If you are applying for Australia Student visa from Pakistan, you need to visit a recommended medical center by Australian High Commission. You need to book an appointment before visiting the medical center. Your medical exam result will be sent automatically to Australian High Commission in Pakistan.

You will receive the letter regarding the medical examination from the Australian High Commission on your contact or email address. If you are applying on behalf of your consultant, then he or she will receive the letter.

Finally, this was the updated process on how to apply for Australia Study Visa from Pakistan. If you have any query regarding Australian student visa then let us know in the comments section.



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