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How to Apply for Uruguay Visit Visa from Pakistan without Sponsor

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Have you ever thought of a country where you can travel on Pakistani Passport without any Sponsor? In this article, we will let you know how to apply for Uruguay visit visa from Pakistan. Moreover, you don’t need any 1-year bank statement to get a visit visa to Uruguay. You have to submit the visa fee after you get the visa.

Uruguay Visit Requirements and Visa Application Process for Pakistani Citizens

Uruguay is a beautiful country in South America region. As a Pakistani citizen, you can apply for the visit visa of Uruguay without any sponsor or heavy bank statement from Pakistan. However, if you are planning a business visit then you might need sponsor letter from Uruguay and business visa documents in Pakistan. But as a tourist, you don’t need any letter from Uruguay. All you need is just your passport.

uruguay visit visa from pakistan

Visa Application Process for Uruguay from Pakistan

Here are the documents you need when applying for a visit visa

  • The first and most important thing is the visa application form along with 2 photographs. The form on website is in Spanish, therefore you need to convert to English using Google Chrome.
  • A covering letter is necessary for visa application In covering letter you will need to describe why you are travelling to Uruguay. For how many days you will stay in Uruguay and who will fund you during this period. Where will you stay in Uruguay and what will be your activities?
  • Bank Statement of last 3 months is enough in case of Uruguay. There is no minimum amount specified for the bank statement. You may show your credit or debit card statement if you want.
  • Hotel Reservation is necessary if you don’t have any sponsor in Uruguay. You can visit Booking.com and make a free reservation from there.
  • Flight Reservation is also necessary for Uruguay visit visa. You can make a free reservation from Turkish Airline
  • At least 6 months valid Pakistani Passport.
  • Police clearance certificate from your nearest Police Station must be attached.
  • $42 visit visa fee is submitted after you get the visa. Otherwise, there is no visa fee in case of rejection

Where to submit your visa application for Uruguay

In Pakistan, there is no authority which will provide Uruguay visa of any type. To apply for visit Visa of Uruguay from Pakistan, you will need to visit Iran or Egypt to submit your visa application. However, you can email the respective Embassies in Tehran or Cairo regarding your visa process.

Email Uruguay Embassy in Tehran, Iran

Email Uruguay Embassy in Cairo, Egypt

Embassies might ask you to send scanned documents along with the visa application through email or courier. They might reply to you within a week regarding your visa situation.

Finally, this is how you can apply for Uruguay visit visa from Pakistan. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comment section.

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    Hope you will be fine I mail the Uruguay embassy in Iran before three days but they didn’t reply still now so what i do?

  2. ADDRESSUruguayan Honorary Consulate General in Islamabad, Pakistan

    Suite 15, 4th floor, Malik Complex
    80 West, Blue Area
    Jinad Avenue
    TELEPHONE(+92) (51) 924 5100
    (+92) (51) 215 0013
    FAX(+92) (51) 215 0049
    WEBSITE OFFICE HOURS HEAD OF MISSIONMuhammad Enver Baig, Honorary Consul General

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