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I hope you all are aware of the Australian Permanent Residency Program which offers PR to in-demand jobs in Australia. Every year Australia offers  190,000 Permanent Residencies to people around the world. Out of 190,000 PR seats, only 128,000 seats are reserved for Skill Workers. Today, we will discuss Top 6 Shocking in-demand jobs in 2019 in Australia. The job skills that have no worth in countries like Pakistan and India. Yes, you are right, we are talking about technical skills like Plumbing, Electrician, Tile Fitter, Nurses, etc.


Believe it or not, the jobs we will discuss here are the ones that are badly needed at the moment by Australian Government.

Here is the list of in-demand jobs that you will not believe

1.    Male and Female Nurses


On top of the list, there is a huge demand for Male and Female Nurses in Australia. In 2018, there were nearly 17,000 positions reserved for Nurses in Australia. You will not believe that only 4,017 people were offered the PR. Almost a few people applied for this position in 2018 and they got their PR.

2.    Electricians

JOBS IN 2019 in Australia

We have always seen electricians in the priority list of developed countries. In Australia, a job as an electrician is among the highest paid jobs in Australia. In 2018, there were 9000 seats for electricians and only 200 to 300 people applied for this job.

3.    Secondary School Teachers

TOP 6 jobs in australia

Teachers are among the highest paid people in Australia. If you love teaching as a profession and have a bit experience being a school teacher, then you are the lucky one. You have 100% percent chance to apply for PR in Australia.

4.    Carpenters

TOP jobs in world

As we have discussed before that the jobs that have no worth in Pakistan and India, are the jobs that worth a lot in Australia. If you are a carpenter in Pakistan with experience in your field than welcome to Australia.

5.    Metal Fitters

australia 3 jobs

On the 5th place in the list stands the Metal Fitters. Don’t blame yourself if you don’t have any future in Pakistan or India. Why not you should try your skill in Australia as a PR holder.

6.    Motor Mechanic

car mechanic jobs in australia

At the last in the list of 6 SHOCKING IN DEMAND JOBS IN 2019 in Australia lies Motor Mechanic. As motor mechanics do have a huge demand in Asia, but they don’t get a lot to earn. However, a shortage of motor mechanics has created a gap in Australia. This gap has made it a highly in demand profession in Australia. We have seen people earn more than $10,000 AUD/month as a motor mechanic in Australia.

These are 6 in-demand jobs in Australia that have caused huge shortage at the moment in the market. The government in Australia badly need people with these skills in Australia.

The requirement for Skills Jobs in Australia for Pakistani Citizens

Now comes the main part of this discussion that is a challenge for our people with skills. However, this is not the tough part but a simple basic requirement to fulfill before you apply for the visa.

The requirements to apply for PR as a skilled worker  are below

  • General IELTS (Not Academic)
  • Must have done a diploma or professional degree in the profession discussed above that is equivalent to the same diploma or degree in Australia.
  • Experience of minimum 2 years. Experience let you earn extra points in EOI (Expression of Interest)

In Pakistan, People who have done 3 years Technical diploma after matric are also eligible to apply through this program as well. However, you will need to visit the Australian Government website in order to see if your diploma is equal to an Australian diploma or not.

Finally, these were the 6 SHOCKING IN DEMAND JOBS IN 2019 in Australia to apply from Pakistan. If you need any more information to on how to apply for  these jobs, then let us know in the comment section below


  1. Dear Sir, I wants to apply for work visa. Currently i am doing job in a private bank as manager. Kindly guied me what’s the procedure to apply.

  2. Hellow Im working in Oil and gas industry as a Productiom operator
    how can I apply for PR with family ?
    Im graduated In Honours Degree

  3. Hi l m from Pakistan my qualifications is FA(inter)&Auto Mobile Serving(mechanical) l have LTV Driving License my experience is 20years old I need job in Australia

  4. Hello…
    I am a Nurse…
    I have done bachelor’s of science in Nursing. ..
    I want to apply for australian immigration…
    Need some good advise…

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