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Australia Immigration from Pakistan without Job Offer 2019

Australia is the second country after Canada where the rate of immigration is very high. You can apply for Australia immigration from Pakistan without Job Offer. For this you do not need any agent or consultant, you can directly apply free immigration to Australia from anywhere. Moreover, you get a PR category visa on which […]

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australia work visa


I hope you all are aware of the Australian Permanent Residency Program which offers PR to in-demand jobs in Australia. Every year Australia offers  190,000 Permanent Residencies to people around the world. Out of 190,000 PR seats, only 128,000 seats are reserved for Skill Workers. Today, we will discuss Top 6 Shocking in-demand jobs in […]

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new zealand visa

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa from Pakistan For Businessmen

Finally, we have heard about a good news from New Zeland. New Zealand is offering Entrepreneur visa to people around the world. Through this visa, you can make your way to apply for Permanent residency after 3 years. In this article, we will talk how you can apply for New Zealand Entrepreneur visa from Pakistan […]

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Australia work visa

Australia Work Visa from Pakistan without Sponsor or Job offer

From Pakistan, every year thousands of qualified people apply for a job for countries like the USA, Canada and Australia. For the past few years, people are applying for jobs in Australia. However, most of them struggle because of no sponsor or job offer. Today, we will discuss Australia work visa from Pakistan without sponsor […]

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how to apply australia student visa

How to Apply for Australia Study Visa | Pakistan | Updates 2018

Australia is among the top countries in the world that attracts thousands of International students every year after Canada and America. One of the good things about studying in Australia is that whatever course you are enrolled, you have the right to work 20 hours a week. Moreover, you can apply for Permanent Residency (PR) […]

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