canada visit visa

How to Apply for Canada Visit Visa from Pakistan Easily

Canada is a dream country to visit for everyone around the world. Each year Canadian embassy in Pakistan receive thousands of application for Canada visit visa from Pakistan. Most of them get failed due to incomplete application or misguidance. First and most important thing when applying a visit to Canada is your intention to return […]

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business visit visa

Successful Tips for Business Visit Visa from Pakistan to Canada, USA and Europe

It has been seen most of the times that people get confused when applying for a business visit visa from Pakistan to overseas. You have investment and strong business ties, but you still get refused. Well, the reason for this confusion occurs due to the documents you need to apply for a visa. Agents take […]

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how to apply canada visa

How to apply for Canada Student Visa From Pakistan

Whenever you think of Canada, the first picture that comes to mind is of vast landscapes, great lakes and iconic mountains. As you know Canada is the second largest country in the world with a bundle of future opportunities for immigrants and international students. The environment for the international students is welcoming and helping when […]

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