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Canada New Food Industry Visa for Less Educated People in 2019

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Recently in March 2019, Canada has announced that it is going to launch the agri-food industry pilot immigration program for foreign nationals. According to this new visa scheme of Canada, the foreign nationals will be given 3 years work visa in agriculture and meat which can later lead to PR of Canada.

Canada New Food Industry Visa

The visa policy of Canada is best for those people who have a little bit experience in agriculture and butchery (meat processing). So the people who have knowledge of harvesting, plowing. fruit and vegetables are welcomed to apply under this scheme.

Furthermore, if you have experience in butchery like meat cutting, meat packing, etc then you can also apply under this category.

Agri-food Industry Immigration pilot Program Requirements

On top of it, the good thing about this visa category is that you do not need a higher level of education. However, you must have possessed a Secondary School Certificate and related job experience under which you are applying for the visa.

Canada New Food Industry Visa

Every year Canadian government will offer 2750 visa under this category to foreigners from any country. At the moment the Canadian government has not announced requirements related to minimum age and other factors.

Will you need a job offer letter for the Agri-Food Industry Pilot Program?

Yes, sure you will need to get a job offer from your employer in Canada. In addition to this, you can get a sponsor with the help of your family, relatives or friends in Canada as well. Moreover, you will need at least an IELTS (General) Certificate with a minimum score of 4.5.

Benefits of the Agri-Food Industry Pilot Program of Canada

Below are some of the benefits of the agri-food industry pilot program

  • You will a visa for 3 years.
  • This visa can help you to apply for PR in Canada
  • You can work for 40 hours a week.
  • There is no need to get outside of Canada after 9 months as this is not a seasonal work visa.

Finally, Canada New Food Industry Visa is the best option for those who are less educated and have little bit experience in agriculture or butchery. Leave your comment for more details.

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