Best Countries to Get Work Visa from Pakistan

Best Countries to Get Work Visa from Pakistan in 2019


In the year 2018 we have seen a lot of countries that offered work permits for Pakistani’s. Thanks to our new government that is working hard on foreign policies with another countries. In the year 2019, many countries has designed new quotas for work permit. We will discuss with you the best countries to get work visa from Pakistan in the coming year.

Best Countries to Get Work Visa from Pakistan

Below are the easy visa countries for Pakistani citizens that will offer work permit in the coming year. If you will apply for these countries in 2019, then there are maximum chances for you to get the visa.

best countries to get work visa from pakistan

1. Japan

Japan is the best country to get work permit in 2019. Recently, Japan introduced new 5 year work visa policy for foreigners. The government of Japan has officially announced the work permit and divided it into 2 categories. In the first category, people who are well educated and skilled will be preferred.
While in the second category, the non-skilled workers will be given work permit. However, the only downside is that the visa will only be offered for just 5 years and cannot be extended.
The work visa offered to educated and skilled people can be extended. Moreover, the people on this category may call their families to Japan.
In April 2019, the Government of Japan will announce details regarding how to apply the work permit for 5 years. People who have profession related to construction, shipbuilding, auto-mobile, hotel and aviation can get benefit from this visa type.

2. UK

Finally, UK has opened its door back to Non European countries. This is a good news for people who have no education or skills. UK is suffering from the shortage of workers in the year 2018 which may get double by the year 2020. This quota is especially for non European countries like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, etc.
UK will start receiving the applications from first quarter of 2019 till 2020. Farm work visa will make UK one of the easy visa countries in Europe for Pakistanis.
UK will offer farm worker visa up to 6 months. Moreover, there is no need to present IELTS, higher education, etc to get this visa. Furthermore, this work permit is beneficial for those who have relatives in UK.Your friends or relatives in UK can send you an offer letter for farm worker visa.

3. Germany

In the year 2018, a report was published regarding shortage of skilled labor in Germany. It was estimated that Germany will need 3 Million people in the coming 3 years to overcome shortage of labor in market. Germany is one of the best country to work abroad in 2019. Germany has already taken steps to make this process simple and easy for foreign labor. In order how to get work permit of Germany from Pakistan we have published an article few months ago. Germany is also one of the countries with easy visa requirements in the coming year.

4. Canada

We have also discussed about Canada work permit from Pakistan in our previous post. Canada has announced to give 1.3 Million permanent residencies to people from all over the world till 2021. Canadian government will accept applications through PNP and Express Entry program. Through these programs you will not need any offer letter from employer.
Other than this, if you do not want to apply through Express Entry or PNP program, then you will need an offer letter from employer in Canada.

5. Australia

Australia is the best country to live and work in 2019. This country is also offering Visa Class 189 program in which you do not need any job offer. However, to apply for Australia you will need to present IELTS (General) to get your visa. Moreover, the jobs in which you can apply are skilled jobs so you must possess skills like Plumbing, Electrician, Carpenter, etc.

Finally, these were the best countries to get work visa from Pakistan in future. Besides these, Switzerland, States of Jersey and Denmark has also announced work permit for non-European countries. For furthermore details, contact us in the comment section below.

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