turkey citizenship

Turkey has Announced to Sell Passport to Pakistani Citizens

As you know that developed countries always try to strengthen their economies by running investment programs. In return of these investment programs, these countries offer Passport or PR to the person who applies for investment. Recently, Turkey has announced to sell Passport in return of investment. The government of Turkey has Announced to Sell Passport […]

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australia work visa


I hope you all are aware of the Australian Permanent Residency Program which offers PR to in-demand jobs in Australia. Every year Australia offers  190,000 Permanent Residencies to people around the world. Out of 190,000 PR seats, only 128,000 seats are reserved for Skill Workers. Today, we will discuss Top 6 Shocking in-demand jobs in […]

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Saudi Arabia E-visa

Saudi Government to offer Saudi Arabia E-visa from Pakistan for Racing Event

Well, Ladies and Gentlemen, this is something really interesting this time. Thanks to the Prime Minister Imran Khan and Saudi Government, Saudi Arabia E-Visa from Pakistan will be able for everyone from now on. Through E-Visa services, you don’t need to visit the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan. All you need is an internet […]

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bulgaria visit visa from pakistan

Complete Information Regarding Bulgaria Visit Visa from Pakistan

We have been continuously receiving requests regarding countries that offer visa easily to people from Pakistan. Therefore, today we will discuss the Buglaria visit visa from Pakistan. Once you have the visa on your Pakistani Passport, you will 100% get entry to other European countries without any worries. Bulgaria Visit Visa from Pakistan Bulgaria is […]

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Germany Labour Visa from Pakistan

New Immigration Rules Germany Labour Visa from Pakistan

Finally, there is a good news from Germany for Pakistan people, especially the labour sector. For the people living in Pakistan, who want to visit Germany and work there, Germany has set up some new rules. Moreover, this is also a good news for Pakistani’s living in Germany as well. What are those new Immigration […]

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