canada immigration visa

Canada Immigration from Pakistan with 13,00,000 Vacancies

Living and working in Canada is like a dream for everyone. Especially, people living in Pakistan and India prefer Canada over any other country when it comes to work. Recently Canadian Immigration has announced new policies in which they stated that Canada will settle 13,00,000 people from 2019 to 2021. In this quota businessmen, skilled, […]

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Visa Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens To Malaysia

Malaysia Announce Visa Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens

Finally, the PM Imran Khan visited Malaysia and returned with a good news. According to the sources, the Pakistani and Malaysian signed an agreement regarding visa free travel between the two countries. Visa Free Entry for Pakistani Citizens To Malaysia At the moment, the agreement made in Malaysia has abolished the visa requirements for official […]

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Free Education Countries for Pakistani Students

Free Education Countries for Pakistani Students 2019-(Complete Guide)

As an international student, it is very difficult to come up with your expenses and tuition fee. You have to work part time to pay your tuition fee in countries where education is very expensive. In this article, we will discuss 5 free education countries for Pakistani students. Now these five countries have nearly low […]

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ireland visa

Ireland Visa From Pakistan-(Ireland Visit Visa Requirements 2019)

Today we are going to talk about how you can apply Ireland Visa from Pakistan. We will focus on Irish Visit Visa Category in this article. So we will discuss what are the visit visa requirements for Ireland and how you can file a Ireland visa online application to get a visa. Moreover, how much […]

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Poland Visa from Pakistan Requirements

Poland Visa From Pakistan-(Requirements for Poland Travel Visa)

Poland is a beautiful country in Europe with rich culture and landscapes. To apply Poland visa from Pakistan, you need to fulfill some basic requirements that we will discuss in this article. Moreover, we discuss the most important Poland visa requirements for Pakistani Citizens. Poland Visa from Pakistan Requirements Here is the detailed process to […]

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investment immigration

Top 5 Investment Immigration Countries to Get Immediate Citizenship

There are a lot of methods through which you can citizenship of different countries in the world. However, most of them require strict immigration laws to follow. Investment immigration is one of the most easy way to get citizenship of different countries in the world. You don’t need any language or technical skills to get […]

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pak china bus service

How to Visit China by Road from Pakistan |CPEC| PAK China Bus Service

At last we have a Good news for the people who want to visit China by road from Pakistan. The new CPEC Passenger Bus Service from Lahore will carry passengers from Lahore to Kashgar (Xingjiang Province). Finally, this is a good news for the people who want to carry out business activities in China and […]

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portugal investment visa

How to Apply for Portugal Investment Visa to get Citizenship and Passport

Portugal is a schengen country in Europe bordering Spain. Portugal gives you the opportunity of getting the citizenship of Portugal through Portugal investment visa program. Moreover, you don’t need to have any IELTS or degrees to get the citizenship and passport of Portugal. Portugal Investment Visa leading to Passport Also known as Portugal Golden Visa […]

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